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i had a white night gown before i started watching supernatural but i had to get rid of it cause it caught on fire, so when i started watching i got really scared.

2015 supernatural VanCon J2 Gold Panel- 11:30 ish cutest story about their caravaning road trip :)

2015 supernatural VanCon Gold Panel- ish cutest story about their caravaning road trip :)

Now Every time I use one of these I will think of this

Emojis acted out by Dean Winchester the tie pretty much matches. It's like they plan for these posts!

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(Pinning this again) "Forget this tea and scone crap I'm getting me some pie"

Oh my god! where do I pin this? My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board? Make a crossover board and pin it there? Ok double pinning it is :) ----I don't even have a supernatural board just couldn't erase that caption.

My 2 favorite things in one picture.. Eminem lyrics and Supernatural .. I'm crying <3

"I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed. Get along with the voices inside my head. Well that's not fair.

Narrowing down my "type" of guy is hard...

Aaannnd this is another reason why Jensen and Jared are amazing