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Little Mix sensation, #PerrieEdwards, is at the centre of #lipfiller speculation following an exceptionally pouty Instagram selfie. #cosmeticsurgery

ATTENTION HERE: im making a little mix games! comment your kik below and ill kik you with details ALSO dont forget to ask to join my board, Prettys Just A Pretty Word :) -anna xx

I was a mixer before I was in little mix ;) just thought I would confuse you :) Xx my baby's :) xx aha @Kristján Örn Kjartansson Gruber Edwards @Jessica Sotier Yeager Nelson

Perrie Edwards Calls Self 'Perrie Malik' -

Pretty is just a pretty word, and im gonna shine like a star cuz im the only me in this world!!;) comment the rest of the lyrics if you know them mixers!!!❤❤

When she wears heavy eyeliner she looks amazing, but when I do I look like a monster