Underwater photography by Zena Holloway http://www.zenaholloway.com/indexzena.html

Underwater photography by Zena Holloway :: http://www.zenaholloway.com/indexzena.html

Michael David Adams - Fire in the Sky Underwater photography, it creates such pretty effects!

The Blood Oracle (by Jvdas Berra) [underwater photography] [red dress] Mexico´s Next Top Model Underwater Contest Winner "Elsa"

The fury of the White Lady.

Underwater Photography

Zena Holloway angel girls

LOVE this. (Underwater)

When Marcel Christ combined the mediums of pastel chalks and photography, it resulted in true work of arts.  The artist describes playing with the chalk as an experiment that he responded to with still photographs.  These images are full of life and have an explosive like quality to them that have captured our eye and our love for all things colorful.

Beautiful underwater photography by Nadia Moro

Underwater Fashion

Bajo el agua -- heroine sinking into the waters of despair, OR heroine ascending from the depths of knowledge and truth?

Underwater Photography by Santiago Esteban

Underwater photography by Peter Benke (more @ boards here : http://pinterest.com/fra411)

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Photo by Jvdas Berra. Underwater girl Can we please just take a moment for this photo, and for that dress?! <3

Close Encounters of the third kind.?

Ethereal Aquatic Editorials - The Fire in the Sky Michael David Adams Image Series is Dreamlike (GALLERY)


underwater ink photography Alberto Seveso