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Earthy Italian sexpot with a ravishing smile. Key films: Murmur of the Heart, Les Choses de la Vie, Christ Stopped at Eboli

Francoise Dorleac, Catherine Deneuve's older sister. Stunning in looks and talent. Died tragically in a car accident. Key films: Le Peau Douce, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, Cul de Sac

Catherine Deneuve started her storied career playing ingenues and going on to portraying worldly women. Key films: Belle de Jour, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Last Metro

Francoise Fabian. Ravishing raven-haired beauty who fused intelligence and sexiness in her performances. Key films: Ma Nuit Chez Maud, La Bonne Annee, Out 1: Spectre

Claudia Cardinale, Italian firecracker of Tunisian descent with a husky voice and voluptuous figure. Key films: 8 1/2, The Leopard, Once Upon A Time in the West

Jeanne Moreau, the quintessential European actress who inspired cinematic greats as Truffaut, Antonioni and Orson Welles. Key films: Jules and Jim, The Lovers, La Notte