The Doctor I really like how we've got all these companions, Doctors and even the TARDIS but in the middle, the most prominent is Rose in all her Bad Wolf glory

Doctor Who

The Doctor always finds the right companions.

Doctor? Doctor who?

Companions and their rightful TARDIS interiors

Doctor Who

Doctor Who art #10 and rose tyler

a fantastically designed Doctor Who poster...the season finale that left my brain spluttering indignantly (in a good way)--I want this so bad!

I think when the doctor dies he'll appear in heaven and of course many of his past companions will have past because of his ongoing age he'll see who he loves most...Rose.

OMG, this exists??? Amazing! Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Cotton Fabric

Yup.... this was me too.... Damn that ending sucked!

The Doctor

This is ALWAYS my reaction! Haha just another reason why Sheldon is my favorite :).

yes i do!!

Doctor Who

The Doctor's companions

he's the same man

I really loved the Christopher Eccleston Doctor. I hope I'm not alone << You definitely aren't alone. I totally loved the Ninth Doctor

The doctor and Rose

What beautiful Doctor Who art. Featuring the Master, a dalek, cybermen, Time Lords, and The Doctor with Rose in the TARDIS.

The Doctor is in.