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"Fifty years later, a new discovery of poverty is long overdue. This time, we’ll have to take account not only of stereotypical Skid Row residents and Appalachians, but of foreclosed-upon suburbanites, laid-off tech workers, and America’s ever-growing army of the “working poor.” And if we look closely enough, we’ll have to conclude that poverty is not, after all, a cultural aberration or a character flaw. Poverty is a shortage of money."

You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs - katherine center

slut, Rush Limbaugh style

PW Wrap-Up of SXSW: Publishers need to provide community as well as content; authors need to be on Pinterest!

Forget falling gracefully. Think rising gracefully....

GOOD Works Administration

Worth repeating.

Socialism + religion



Ellen Degeneres' Feb 8 2012 monologue in response to the One Million Mom boycott of JC Penney and the Prop 8 resolution. I love her.

Quote by Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Facebook is the new suburbs.

George Carlin!


Watch one of his performances on DVD. He has a lot more to say....

Is sarcasm a sin? I sure hope not.

Via Joanne Bamberger: "Study says bloggers who happen to be mothers are politically influential. I ask, 'This is news?'

Think. [That is all.]