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    Wonder how to get your Christmas tree to twinkle in photos? Your wondering stops here!

    Christmas tree photos.

    Good article on how to get great photographs of and in front of your Christmas tree. It isn't rocket science. ;-)

    So cool!!! Macro water drop photography: how to capture colour abstract close-ups at home | Digital Camera World

    Creating a custom Bokeh

    Photography 101: How to Take the perfect Christmas Tree Photo!

    Christmas tree picture tutorial - Turn off all the lights, put ISO up high (mine was 2000), low aperture (mine was 2.8), and my shutter speed was 1/100 to avoid camera shake.

    Quick-n-Dirty Tips for Taking Great Holiday Photos

    Have you ever wondered how to get the lights on your tree to 'sparkle'? The trick is all in your aperture setting! Below I took a picture of my Christmas tree using several different apertures. I included 100 percent crops so you can see the transformation of the lights.

    8 things you didn't know your camera could do!

    What Happens When You Take A Long-Exposure Picture Of A Christmas Tree While Zooming Out

    How to take photos of your Christmas tree

    A tip for taking product photo.

    photograph large groups

    Grocery sack over the flash: this makes a great “lightbox” and helps spread the light across your kids' faces and cuts down on shadows.-- i wonder if this will work with just the built in flash...

    tips on taking pictures of Christmas tree and lights

    camera settings for a glowing xmas tree. gotta try this!

    I want a pic of us like this for Christmas

    Christmas tree light photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

    50 photo tips: This is a very good article for beginners

    Tips for Photographing Christmas Lights 1. Set your ISO high – 1600 or higher 2. Close your aperture (f/14 or higher) for a starburst effect 3. Slow down your shutter speed 4. Use a tripod or set your camera on something safe and steady 5. Turn on ambient lights in the rooms surrounding the tree but turn off lights in that room