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    Thelma and Louise

    I saw this movie yesterday with my 14 year old son. I want to write about it. I'm still thinking about what to say. It was excellent.

    Miss Representation $14.99

    you go girl :)

    The Corporation - Full Movie [ This and "Manufacturing Consent" changed everything for me. ]

    The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don't Need

    Norma Rae [ I need to watch this again. It would mean even more to me now. ]

    Award-winning documentary about a high-school play.

    Moving and inspiring.

    Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky. One of the most powerful films I have ever watched. Was life-changing for me, actually.

    Loved it -- particularly the call to action.

    The dark side of PR - modern version

    You'll never feel quite the same way about food after you watch this documentary. Thought provoking and important.

    A really obnoxious review about an actually quite fabulous movie, Tiny Furniture. I loved the movie because the heroine is both angst-filled and misunderstood and that makes a great combination. She also has one of the most insufferable sisters ever -- and a totally clueless mom. Fun and touching.

    New York Times review of Lbs, a coming-of-age story about a young man with weight issues and family problems. A really touching and powerful movie.

    A fantastic movie about love, equality, and standing up for what is right.

    You'll never read your daily newspaper or tune into your favourite newscast the same way again, once you've watched this movie. Manufacturing Consent talks about how the media works. It features interviews with journalists and media critics. The movie is based on the work of MIT linguist and intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky. A film that changed my life.

    It's disturbing and inspiring at once, but the more you see this film, the more you will think twice about what you eat and where your food actually comes from. [ I agree. I loved this movie, too. Need to post a bunch of my favourite change-inspiring documentaries.]

    Still trying to wrap your head around the idea that a corporation is a person? This brilliant and funny film will explain that and a whole lot more.

    The premise for the movie sounds bizarre ("A troubled husband and executive adopts a beaver hand-puppet as his sole means of communicating"), but the movie is terrific. Quirky-terrific.

    The movie is awesome; the music is even better (although I'm not sure how that is even possible).

    Movies I've watched recently and loved. (Hint: I love quirky.)