So true! Gets me every time Makes me so sad that not many people have seen fox in the hound. I think it has a lot of good lessons and is a good "old" Disney movie.

fox and the hound... saddest scene ever. Makes me cry my eyes out every time T_T

23 Moments From Your Childhood That Always Made You Cry. (the very last one is def the hardest.)

One of the best Disney movies ever and the only one to bring you to tears within the first 15 minutes.

true story


This moment.

True, yes...

the emperors new groove

True... I laugh every time at this part, and the kids I watch are like "what the heck is wrong with cassie?"

A scene from a movie that's sadder than this one: | 35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

the incredibles, such a true quote!

Todd ♥

All time fave....

Mulan = Reality HAHA so true


That's so Raven.

that was the cutest and saddest part of the whole movie