So true! Gets me every time Makes me so sad that not many people have seen fox in the hound. I think it has a lot of good lessons and is a good "old" Disney movie.

fox and the hound... saddest scene ever. Makes me cry my eyes out every time T_T

the truth

The Fox and the Hound. Such a sad scene. I cry every time.

Disney Movies, teaching us untold history.

Yeah, still good....

If you remember this movie them you more than likely quote this part of the movie every time you see it lol.. I know I do!

Fox and the Hound

My favorite movie ever!!! Carl & Ellie <3. I ADORE this scene - probably my favourite in any children's film I've ever seen - it was just so sweet! And they told it all with virtually no words!


true story

Olaf! I definitely laughed at this line each time

So glad to know I wasn't the only one!!

Dumbo (one of the most tear-jerkingly sad moments in film history)

Disney movies

Love this movie!

cute, but kinda makes me sad

Fox And The Hound - One of my fav Disney movies ever - makes me bawl every time!

For real?