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  • Amy Marschall

    Brown Sugar Casted Chocolates - Make your own chocolate molds using whatever you like. Wasn't sure if this was a recipe or a project.

  • suzanne vogler

    Cool !!!! ...How to mould chocolate using >>> brown sugar and any object.tea party idea

  • Teresa deWilde

    Make a chocolate mold from almost ANYTHING with #BrownSugar!

  • Beverly Jennings

    Brown Sugar Casted Chocolates: Brown sugar is the perfect medium for casting poured chocolate in a homemade mold. #foodgawker - This is a great idea and now I'm looking at every knick knack and chachki in my house as a potential chocolate mold. PHOTO

  • Elizabeth Marcois

    Rise and Shine: Brown Sugar Casted Chocolates--- mold chocolate with brown sugar???

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Great tip to remember on how to make brown sugar! I can't tell you how many times I thought I had brown sugar.

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Done in 2 minutes. The homemade taste cannot be compared to store bought! Add 2 TBLS molasses to 1cup sugar. Mix well, store in airtight container. (I like mine really dark so I add 3-4 TBLS of molasses. If you add too much, just add more sugar to lighten it up. This stuff is incredibly flavorful & adds nice depth to recipes that call for brown sugar.)

So cute. these are a darling garnish for individual desserts and tarts. Made oodles for my daughter's wedding - took a chocolate cookie, spread some cheesecake icing on them, topped them off with a drizzle of raspberry coulis, a fresh raspberry and one of these little hearts standing on its edge...gorgeous, delicious and cheap.

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How to turn anything into a chocolate mold using just brown sugar.... because. 'chocolate' and 'anything' are the correct way to view the universe

High Heels and Grills: Sugar Cookie Bars. Half the mess of normal sugar cookies and just as much deliciousness!

Draw Christmas trees on parchment paper using melted chocolate. Place in frig to harden, remove, and place around cake.

Here is a fun trick that I feel in love with right away. turn just about anything in your house into a chocolate mold using just brown sugar. This is a great tip for anyone who throws kids parties and doesn’t want to invest in a chocolate mold that you’ll use once.