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Herbie Car type: 1963 Model 117 Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle) Special features: Ultimate cruise control Films: The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie Goes Bananas, Herbie: Fully Loaded

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Resultado de imagen para BALKENKREUZ

Ford Pinto! Woop Woop!

Ford Pinto: My mother had an ugly powder blue Pinto I inherited but had to man up with a mustang hood ornament, it was the first car I took to college. Insult to injury, we had a banana yellow Pinto station wagon before that!

Eight tracks - haha in our Pontiac Grand Prix:)

8 track tape deck for the car. Boy I remember having this in one of my cars!

Captain Kangaroo...with Mr Green Jeans, Moose, Dancing Bear...

Boy, I'll say, I loved Captain Kangaroo every morning. I remember when I was young, one time my mother was wanting to dress me for the day and I said."Not in front of Captain Kangaroo".funny how I remember that so clearly.

wind it up and go! #vw #beetle

I had a black one made at the unit, but it broke. The wind turned it like a propeller.

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I still have one of these cigar boxes

My Dad smoked these so I always had an ample supply of empty cigar boxes. We put our crayons in them.