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First up is anxiety relief – including 8 repeated double blind studies, 7 of which showed a decrease in anxiety levels (double blind studies are where neither the subject nor the experimenter(s) know the critical aspects of the test – to protect against bias and placebo effects.)  Next up is the increase in sense of wellbeing that drinking kava is said to bring about – there are 4 double blind studies that backs this up.  Two double-blind studies then show that it reduces depression in…

The Effects of Kava - What the Science Says

Colloidal Silver Safety: the Famous Altman Study The Many Uses of Nano Colloidal Silver:)

50 Bright and Easy Spring Decorating Ideas | Midwest Living

Canada, Seattle’s neighbor to the north? Nope, better check your map

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Bell jars, sideways glass vases, and hanging glass containers for terrariums. Points on the side for clear glass terrariums!

Glowing Feather Costume - Shoulders Halter Loincloth Combo - Black Light UV LED…

Glowing Feather Costume Shoulders Halter by ElectricCandyCouture

UniPg. Alla Sala dei Notari Biotecnologia e Società 2017

The Difference Between Open Pollinated Seeds, Hybrids and GMOs - Today, seeds are bred in only one of three very different ways: in an open pollinated enviro…

10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home

10 Plants That Create the Perfect Microclimate at Home - Myeva for Healthcare, Skin care & Beauty

Acrylic Display Case with Compartment, Small Orders and Customized Designs Welcomed

Acrylic Display Case with Compartment, Small Orders and Customized Designs Welcomed

Medical Uses of Marijuana | HuffPost

Medical Uses of Marijuana

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have found patients prefer cannabis over opioid medication to treat chronic pain.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals research results ignited a strong biotech sector advance that could gain traction in coming weeks.

Health Care Reform Eliminates the Out-of-Pocket Cost of Vaccines for Many Immunizations


Medicated mixture is prepared once for the entire course of medication. You will need: 10 tablespoons of salt, 20 tablespoons oil (olive, sunflower).

Nörotransmitter Nedir? | Bilim Treni

Synapse in human neural system The Science of the Endocannabinoid System: How THC Affects the Brain and the Body