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Gold pin with a carnelian head. Three similar large pins were found on Queen Pu-abi. They were used to pin her cylinder seals to her cloak. It was Pu-abis cylinder seals that identified her.

Medallion with a seated deity and a male worshiper Period: Iron Age III Date: ca. 8th–7th century B.C. Geography: Urartu Culture: Urartian

Northwestern Iranian Gold Goblet with Bulls, Marlik (?) 12rh.11th cent, BC Found in Tomb at Marlik,near Susa.

Scythian Gold Plaque in the Form of a Panther with Cloisonne Enamel Gold; soldered, chased, cloisonne enamelling, 7th century B.C.E. Kelermess Barrow No. 1, Kuban, Krasnodar Region (formerly Giaghinsky District of Kuban Region) Russia.

Gold framed pendant found at the biblical town of Nimrud, the capital of Ashurnasirpal II, an Assyrian king of the 9th century BC.

Situla with floral decoration, late Dynasty XIX–Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1188–712 B.C.) From Bubastis Gold

Handle in the shape of the sea god Triton Greek made in Macedonia or Illyria 100-50 BCE Silver and gold