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Ancient Rock Crystal Dice. Twenty-sided dice (or lots), marked XI on two adjoining faces. Circa 1st-2nd century A.D., Roman Imperial period.

Ha! A Roman glass gaming die ,2nd century. There have always been Geeks.


A hand-cut rock crystal ball encircled by a metal ring dates back to the Bronze Age and served as a ritual object in Afghanistan

Ancient roman dice tower used in the playing of dice games. 4th century AD, found in Germany

Dodecahedral dice from the Middle Ages

Egyptian rock crystal scarab. Late Period, circa 664-332 B.C.

STAR GATES: WHO MADE THIS 127 TONNES ROCK?? WHY?? WHAT KIND OF A ENERGY IS IN THIS ROCK?? WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?? Nestling on the slopes of Wangsan, one of the peaks in the Jirisan region (Korea), is a giant weighing 127 tonnes. Its carved with ornate designs. It rests flat against the mountainside, and is said to be one of the strongest sources of ki anywhere. Rest your hands on the rock for a minute, and you will benefit from that energy. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

from WSJ

Portals to Other Realities

30 miles northwest of Thermopolis, Wyo. Ice Age paintings and carvings in Europe are revered as sublime achievements of early humans, yet the prehistoric rock art in the American West is far less known. At Legend Rock in central Wyoming, 10,000 years of profound beliefs are inscribed on red sandstone cliffs