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#Deukie IG : 1989📸📸📸  #differentbutsame #peaceminusonedotcom

#Deukie IG : 1989📸📸📸 #differentbutsame #peaceminusonedotcom

Big Bang, Winner, 2ne1, Epik High | YG Family Power Tour in Singapore Press Conference 140912

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[Photos] Gorgeous CL at YG Family Press Conference in Singapore (September

LOL... #kpop #humor #macro


& gang hasn& hit the evolutionary milestone yet lol! Doesn& stop me from wanting to join his gang though!

YG 'Family' | allkpop Meme Center Minho i can just see him be a mini gdragon,the way he raps is gdragon style. actually WiNNER's songs themseleves are like Big Bang style...its like theyre going to take big bangs place wen they retire...

YG 'Family'

actually GD looks so much like Taehyun like it's not even real lol

Haha I love both YG and SM. I think it's so cute when they insult eachother. Like common guys you are fighting for a LABEL company. Neither of them are going anywhere. Can't we just be friends? Sheesh.

true story

Of course not every SM stan is like this, but sounds pretty accurate to me (as a slowly rising YG stan).

"only in YG..." XD lol GD unnie and CL oppa XD

Look at GD Unnie though, she'd so fabulous and CL oppa looks like he belongs in the Mafia. Go YG!