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Most plastic pollution at sea starts out on land as litter on beaches, streets and sidewalks. After plastics enter the marine environment they slowly photodegrade into smaller pieces that marine life can mistake for food, sometimes with fatal results. Ocean gyres concentrate plastic pollution in five main areas of the world’s ocean and various research groups are bringing back alarming data documenting plastics impacts.

from Inhabitat

Infographic: How Plastic Bags Are Destroying Our Planet

How Plastic Bags Are Killing Our Over 1 trillion bags are produced every year—and every single one of those bags will take an estimated years to degrade. At that cost, is the convenience of using plastic bags really worth it? - Posters For GOOD

Marine Pollution is 60 to 80% plastic. Say no to plastic bags! Pledge to stop using plastic bags

9 easy ways to use less #plastic. This means less plastic in our #oceans! Here’s an excellent list of 9 easy ways to decrease how much plastic you use in everyday life.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has increased by 100 times over the past 40 years

I have always loved animals, as a kid, I wanted to become a veterinarian. I grew up and even though that dream never came true it didn’t die. I knew at some point in my life I would be involved with animals somehow.

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How To Use Less Plastic In Your Home

How To Use Less Plastic In Your Home