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  • Abby Wilfert

    Bucket List!!! Only I do this at swim practice. Minus the ocean and sea creatures, of course.

  • Breann Lowe

    Snorkeled in the Bahamas, Mexico and it :)

  • Salena Ambrosia

    Snorkeling down in the Bahamas off of Paradise Island was awesome!

  • Lakelyn Cypher

    Done: Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Great Barrier Reef, the Keys

  • Jennifer Hill

    Achieved! My husband & I went snorkeling on our honeymoon at the Bahamas :)

  • hannah Warren

    Gone snorkeling in Culebura Island in Puerto Rico.. one of my best experience and joy that ive gone and done. I think everyone should go to that Island to camp out at night and snorkel, put it in your bucket list for sure!!!

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Done! Now we have to see if I can down a whole Uno's or Lou Malnati's deep thats a challenge

Some things you just have to do...just so you can say you did them:)

I have this blurred memory about feeding an apple to a giraffe as a little girl... I wonder if it's true!

I have built many, but I want to build one big enough for more than two people.

Check. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii summer '06. It was a birthday present from my parents (along with the trip). Next to getting engaged, one of my most memorable birthday presents of my life. : )

Check that off the bucket list. Try the Bronx at 1 am. Not fun, won't do that again.

Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle. *Visited the wall when I visited Pammy, but sadly had no gum*

learn to surf, but i am still scared of sharks...maybe i'll boogie board in the kiddy pool instead

i have a feeling i will probably fall off after 2 seconds but i want to say that i at least attempted this.

Got to go to Hawaii on vacation this year - it will be my trip to myself to celebrate my divorce - it would be great to meet someone that is independently wealthy! Maybe I can quit work and be the rich housewife for a change of pace. If you dream big - it just may happen!