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WestJet's April Fools Day Joke

WestJet introduces child-free cabins - hands down the best April Fool's Day joke!

Dragon Quest

Take Care And Tempt Not The Fates : My favorite thing in the original Dragon Quest Dragon Warrior was when you reached the max level of talked to the king.

OkCupid's Gay Curious Map

The state of your state's gay curious, straight population, in a fancy map.

dubstep in the most amazing way in "Midnight Lights"

Super Bowl meets dubstep in the most amazing way in "Midnight Lights"

Jimmy Diebold visits the CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, home to the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders. Jimmy gets a hold of the stadium lights and creates a dubstep light show featuring Patrick Reza’s ‘Midnight City’ remix.

Video Gaming's Greatest Moustaches

Video Gaming's Greatest Moustaches

Gaming's greatest moustaches, together in one incredible gif. Here's the original, in video form (with sound), while the gif was made by Dotcore.

The Piro-piro (party-horn) uses an infrared sensor to measure the length of how far you blow, and sends the corresponding letter to your device via Bluetooth. I even has its own brilliant short url: g.co/___o.

Roundup of the Day: How Tech Companies Pranked the Internet on April Fool's Day - The Daily What

Old Credit Card = New Guitar Pick

MTV Upcycles Expired Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks

Cool word of mouth innovation from MTV MTV - Green Picks Recycle Machine [EN]

Transparent Banking LOL!!!

Nordnet Bank Commercial Offers a Comically Transparent Look at Bank Commercials to Promote Their Transparent Banking

Chrono Trigger

Yet another game that would have made a fantastic Saturday Morning cartoon. Chrono Trigger by ~Jumpix on deviantART