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A European company has begun producing clear “luxury tents”, a collection of wild looking Crsytal Bubble Portable Homes.

Eye Candy 2011: 50 Visual Trends of 2011

Bubble Tree is an innovative idea that came from Pierre Stephane Dumas. It is a transparent bubble where offers all the necessary things that can assure us some beautiful moments in the middle of nature.

Camping Cookout food pockets - several recipes, really look good!

Summer Camp for Kids: Tinfoil Dinners

Camping Cookout food pockets - make ahead Pineapple Pork Chop and Pineapple Pie Packets

.swiss alps....ooooohhh

Whitepod - glamping in the Swiss Alps Wish I could go snowboarding in Switzerland again!

A lake or river in my backyard, so i can have one of these !!!

Hammock Boat!

Hammock Boat, I want one of these! Perfect for a lake. Just don't fall asleep . and fall out into the water! Is the "roof" for shade . or for at least a couple more people?

Awesome sphere tent... - The Meta Picture

Camping In The Rain Hacks

Funny pictures about Awesome sphere tent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome sphere tent. Also, Awesome sphere tent.

Cocoon Tree: floating tent. A must have!!!

The Cocoon Tree Tent. A tree tent, a birdsnest for humans, a mobile treehouse, a covered hammock. Call it whatever you wish but it looks like fun.

The 26 Best Places to Camp in the U.S.

2 Million People on our Pinterest Bucket List Board

The 26 Best Places to Pitch a Tent in the U.S…… Hello, bucket list, the national version. (There is a separate International Bucket List. :)) --- Back-country camping is certainly on my bucket list.

OMG this would be SO fun!!!! tents that zip together...perfect for large families or groups.

Funny pictures about Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort. Also, Awesome tents that zip together can form a camping fort.

How To Make Polar Bear Tubes | Keep items cold in your cooler without the melting ice.

Cooler Tips - make your own "Polar Bear Tubes" for keeping your cooler cool without drowning items in melting ice. + other cooler tips

Winter wilderness shelter.

Winter camping is the best! Bug free and I love being chilly and snuggling with tons of blankets! This igloo would be amazing to have for cold weather camping.

Summer camp cooking!

Log Stove: Cut log into sections. Stuff newspaper as far down as possible in the slits of log. Pull paper thru bottom slit to use as a wick. Then light. Log burns from inside out creating a stove.


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