purple and shades of purple

Sterling (lavender) roses, white roses, purple hydrangea and other white flowers for a pleasant mix of shades purples

flores rositas

Camellia looks stunning when espaliered against a warm wall Light:Part Sun,Shade Type:Shrub Plant Height:To 20 feet tall Plant Width:To 20 feet wide Bloom Time:Blooms spring and summer, depending on variety Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds & Borders

burgundy peonies.. i cannot be certain with my eyes today if roses or peonies!

The caption of this pic was "Christmas Velvet peonies"--this is the sort of Christmas-y I am shooting for. Would also love a cabbage rose in this color just as much.

purple flower ideas

Blue/Violet: Even the slightest hint of blue will infuse a bouquet with a breath of sea or sky. Violet is a cool, calming color that mixes beautifully with pinks and whites.