Awesome Pulp Fiction tattoo. Love the comic book style. Maybe that's how I'll have my Indiana Jones sleeve set up

30 Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Quentin Tarantino Films - this one is 'Pulp Fiction'

I HAD to repin this for all those people that say, "Your tattoos are going to look all wrinkly and ugly when you get old."

This messes me up! 3D Tattoo

Matteo Pasqualin.

Dexter Tattoo by Paul Acker

Full Sleeve Spider-Man/Venom page by Guy Tinsley

comic tattoo

Mandala Tattoo! ¿Conoces los mandala?

MOTAV8D1 - Pulp Fiction

This galaxy tattoo.

Alex Ross Flash Batman comic book tattoo

marvel comic Tattoo Design Ideas | Marvel Wolverine Comic Book Tattoo


I believe in having meaningful tattoos so you'll never regret it when you're older.... But how HILARIOUS would this be on anyone including a grandmother? I'm keeping this one in mind..

Awesome lion tattoo. Can't believe the artist got that much detail on a woman's finger.

Marvel comic villain tattoo.

Awesome American Traditional sleeve!


(Boy Toys)Funko Pulp Fiction - ReAction Figure: Blood Splattered Vincent Vega #playground #games #for #kids