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Honey your gorgeous. God your beautiful. I can not wait to see you tonight. So gorgeous. And mine and perfect and mine..haha I can't get over the fact that my baby is mine and I love you with all my heart

Life is too short for bad hot chocolate - printable art

Life whispers. Listen closely. (Because if you don't, it'll dial the volume WAY up!)

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The good life as described by Neil Gaiman

you're not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. you're always growing. experiences don't stop. that's life

Life is like an ice cream... a sweet treat to enjoy after all the work it took to make it. | BOGO Free Ice Cream Cone at Baskin Robbins!

Don't let the worrying overtake me. Focus on what I am grateful for... there are always things I am grateful for!

my gift is how obssessive i get about books/movies/tv shows.. and then i weird people out. hope you like your gift! :)