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Sassanid Persian Shahanshah ('King of Kings") Shapur II (?) (4th Century CE Sassanid Persian Sculpture)

Kudurru (stele) of King Melishipak I (1186–1172 BC): the king presents his daughter to the goddess Nannaya. The crescent moon represents the god Sin, the sun the Shamash and the star the goddess Ishtar. Kassite period, taken to Susa in the 12th century BC as spoils of war.

The palace of king Darius I the Great in Persepolis was built by Darius, but only a small portion of the palace was finished under Darius' rule.

Assyrian Staues in Museums: Nimrod "Mighty hunter before the lord" Genesis. Biblical King,,Nimrob was,according to the Book of Genesis and the Books of Chronicles,the son of Cush and great-grandson of Noah.

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