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Tarraco, Spain Ancient Names, Ancient Cities, Punic Wars, Pagan Gods, Masonic Lodge, Tarragona, Freemasonry, Petroglyphs, Ancient Civilizations

Tarraco, Spain | Archeologia

14-gen-2017 - The megalithic “Cyclopean” stone walls that once surrounded and protected the ancient city of Tarraco (modern “Tarragona”) in northeast Spain are enigmatic. The classical historians tell us these walls were built by a mysterious race of one-eyed giants called “the Cyclopes.” This undermines the mainstream explanation of the city´s origins offered by modern scholars, who claim Tarraco was founded by the Romans. Were Tarraco´s walls built by a dying race of humans called “the Cyclopes”? And did their bizarre architecture form the foundations for a later Roman settlement? Richard Cassaro in front of a Cyclopean door in Tarraco, Spain. Scholars say Tarraco was founded by the Romans two thousand years ago; but this explanation is directly contradicted by the megalithic, prehistoric wall that once surrounded and protected the ancient city of Tarraco. “Tarraco is the ancient name of the current city of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). It was the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula, founded during the Second Punic War by Scipio Calvus…” —Wikipedia Throughout history, it has been widely recognized that megalithic polygonal walls, like the walls in Tarraco, could only have been built by one people—the Cyclopes, described by the classical historians as a giant race of … Continue reading Atlantis Ruins in Europe? The Megalithic Masonry of a Cyclopean Colony in Spain →
Richard Cassaro