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My first diaper cake for my lil cousin Brayson

Using a mind map is a great way to get your upper elementary, middle school, & high school students engaged in learning! It allows students to doodle while adding pictures & visuals to their work. It's an inspiring & logical way to engage students in note taking. It also maps out ideas so they can recall material! Use this post to learn all about creative mind map lessons & how they can help students with brainstorming, problem-solving, memorization, planning, researching, presenting…

Creative Mind Map Lessons: Bringing Brain Friendly Fun to Your Class (Study All Knight)

Creative Mind Map Lessons: Bringing Brain Friendly Fun to Your Class

I Josefin Dahlbergs blogg får vi läsa om hennes vardag, inspireras av hennes outfits, få tips om hur man vågar följa sin dröm och råd om vad vi måste göra för att kunna skapa våra drömliv.

Daily Graphics Inspiration 556 - Most Inspired Graphics around the web

creative mind explosion. Daily Graphics Inspiration 556. Read full post: | Daily Inspiration | Design Inspiration | Follow us

From a lost society.

writing prompt - You’re wandering across a barren wasteland and come across a town that used to be. As a scavenger, you naturally start digging through the rubble of an old library. You come across a mysterious book with writing on the cover in a language you don’t understand. The book says “Dictionary” and you find it’s filled with words and definitions from a lost society once known as “America”.

Train station.

writing prompt Where did everyone go? There hasn't been anyone for a very long time. But I didn't want you to freak out so I kept up the pretense for quite some time. But I tired now.

How to Find Viral Photos from Forbes' Top 50 Social Media Influencers

Just A Reminder In Case Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You Today You Matter You're Important You're Loved And Your Presence On This Earth Makes A Difference Whether You See It Or Not

80 Genius Design Quotes and Sayings