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Wacho This pattern came about because I like triangles but find them too serious and pointy. So I added sooty petals (similar to the ones found in my Sooflowers pattern ) to soften them up and make them look more fun. ^_^

20 Hottest Yoga Videos on Youtube. That don’t suck. [Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Enlighten Up! w/Nick Rosen, Daft Yoga, Ric...

Introverts Aren't Shy… They're Just More Complex Than You

If you think your time is running out and life is moving faster than you can keep up with, you’re not delusional, you’re perceptive.

For all the Single Ladies: This is why We are still Single. Because single doesn’t mean there is something wrong or lacking within us—it just means we paint in colors not everyone has seen.

Edwyn Collins for Liberty. He drew birds as a rehabilitation exercise after his stroke. These drawings have been made into this beautiful fabric

#17. Nature/Life I like this picture simply because the edges around the leaf where it meets the water. I also really like the Color & Contrast between the dark water and the crisp of the new fallen leaf.

Cuando mi hermana me pide que le cuente un cuento, uno que no sea tan conocido, atino a contar de nosotros; de aquel amor que sentís por mi y del que yo me negué tanto en aceptar.Si me preguntan como paso, pues sonreiré a decir que no se porqué, no recuerdo como comencé a sentir esto por ti, las cosas fantasiosas suceden con el corazón, cuando se acelera y sentís algo en el corazón que te hace flotar...Si nadie me cree ya que en verdad me gustas no se de que forma más mostrarme, porque sólo…