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Olaus Magnus' meticulously illustrated #map the "Carta Marina" depicting #Scandinavia and the North and Baltic Seas in 1529.

Map of the Red Sea.

Islandia. From the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum of Abraham Ortelius. Antwerp, c. 1585. Early map makers often recorded on their maps and charts the presence of fabulous beasts, many of which reveal themselves as identifiable species made grotesque by the embroidered tales of sailors and travelers. Of the many maps depicting sea monsters, the Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus was the most influential. First printed in 1539, it showed the area of the North Sea filled with dangerous maritime creature...

1940s North America Temperature and Rainfall Map

Map of the Aral Sea, 1849

Map of the Aegean Sea

Carta Marina

Carta Marina Scandinavian Marine Map - Scandinavia • mappery

A Map of Saltsjöbaden / Sweden c. 1930 / Artist - Ernst Akerbladh / 26 x 39 in (66 x 99 cm) / Description: A map of Saltsjöbaden, in the archipelago, half an hours trip from Stockholm the 7 centuries old capita of Sweden.

Ribero’s map of America (1529) — http://www.bigmapblog.com/2011/kohls-repro-of-riberos-map-of-america-1529/

Salish Sea


Antique Map River Nile from Cairo to Abu Kerkas.

Map of Sea monsters from Iceland 1594

Map of the North American time zones when standard time was first adopted in 1883

California as an island From an old map, created when California was believed to be an island.

Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition, via @Michael Atkins Map Blog

Piri Rei's map was scanned from the frontpiece of a first edition of Hapgood's Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings.

1598 Americae