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diy instructions for custom colored chalkboard paint to use on our outdoor chalkboard this summer...

from Unexpected Elegance

Transfer Images Using Wax Paper: Tutorial

Printing and transferring using waxed paper. Yup - you read that right. Uber cheap, always around, and no biggie if we mess up while printing and need a do-over! Who knew? (Well, apparently this girl, but who else??? Beuler? Anyone??)


Emily Summers Design and Nonsense: Pretty Handmade Envelopes

How to make envelopes from scrapbook paper, wallpa

Se ve muy cool ... pequeños azulejos de espejo pegado a la línea de pesca y las luces blancas. ((cabecero ??))

from Hative

20+ Cool Chalkboard Paint Ideas

See The World with Me - Cool Chalkboard Paint Ideas,,

DIY Cloud Light-- Amazing Cloud Lights , this is a idea I found and am reposting. You take a Paper Latern, Cotton Batting (from sewing and crafts stores, maybe walmart even, and 3 flameless candles ( Like the ones Glade Sells) and pull and fluff the cotton batting till its …well looking like a puffy cloud of fluffy cloudness! Then hot glue your cloud fluff onto Paper latern ..put the flameless lights inside and viola! You now have the coolest lighting ever!

Print onto TISSUE PAPER by attaching to a piece of printer paper, remove and then Mod Podge to canvas...or anything at all for that matter.