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    Maya Angelou

    Joss Whedon on feminism

    Rape Culture #feminism


    Louise Brealey and Kate Nash on Feminism (from <--That very fact that we have to defend the word "feminism" means we need feminism.

    "Liz Phair. Best feminist quote ever. Anyone can be a feminist, and anyone can be a proud woman. Feminism isn't about one archetype of womanhood or feminist resistance. It is about doing what makes you happy."

    John Green quote

    Joss Whedon ♥

    Have you seen our new "feminist creatives" designs? Check them out! #feminism #fashion

    you can dress any way you want. you can be a boy and wear a dress, you can be a girl and wear a dress, you can be a boi in pants or a womyn in a catsuit, who cares. do you, be you, thats all ya gotta do. feminine is not anti feminist and feminist is not anti feminism, its all about the right to make your own choices without the boundaries of what youre "supposed" to do.

    You either believe that women are people or you don't

    Women are people in their own right.

    Make that Sci-fi/Fantasy (as they are too often conflated), and it is true.

    I couldn't agree more with Rebecca West. None of us are just "doormats" who can be walked over because it's what society says or the norm. Be more than just what society wants women to the light that shines for all those women who come knocking at the door of feminism.

    true story


    Emma Watson on gender equality

    "If a woman is free to show her body, why should she not be free to cover it?" #feminism #religion #choice

    I chuckle a little, but come on, really-- is being treated like a person rather than a thing too much to ask for? -Puja