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    I remember the day I fell in love with you..."kindygarden" field trip to nature! Can still remember like it was yesterday.

    Autumn...Fall...same thing, right?...Unless you're me, of course. Then it's two distinctly different seasons entirely...lol

    I will have a beautiful place overlooking a lake where i will set a lonesome table and chair outside for fall

    Not ready to let go of 10 o'clock ice cream/Rita's runs, and outdoor adventures with the boys, but if I have to say goodbye to these things autumn is the next best thing.

    "Autumn, the year's last loveliest smile"

    Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. I think it's just sweatsuits and sweaters and coats and hats... I do love the flowers in the Spring and soft Summer rain... maybe, I really don't have favorites, after all....lol

    This picture makes me want to curl up by the fire with a good book!