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Pouncing Red Fox - Photographer unknown

i remember seeing a fox pounce like this in a field when i was little and for some reason i always remembered it.

Red fox cubs sleeping in leaf litter

Red fox cubs sleeping in leaf litter - View amazing Red fox photos - Vulpes vulpes - on Arkive


The documentary on it is incredible. The fox RAN across the snow to get a look at this guy taking pictures. It was very interested and if the photographer had wanted he could have pet it. But he respected wild animals and just took its pic.

Windswept Fox on Inspirationde

Windswept Fox

"fox in the wind" by Ivan Kislov, via The movement oh his fur brings the photo to life makes you feel cold

Tin Man    The red fox was sitting just a few feet from the road when our snow coach drove north from Old Faithful at 7am. Just when we got out from the car, we caught the fox jumping up. We were blessed with an overcast sky which brought out the details of the fur of this red fox. The background and foreground were both snow.  Winter Yellowstone National Park Workshop with leader Chas Glatzer.

Red Fox Pouncing in Snow by Tin Man on I am dying to photograph Yellowstone in winter.