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17 campagnes prints créatives qui vont vous donner envie d’arrêter de fumer

Every smoker is aware of the damage their habit causes, but to finally quit, that extra push is usually needed. So here we bring you some of the most innovative anti-smoking ads ever created.

a clever billboard that only works in the daytime

beach sign that reads “Take a Break From The Sun“. As can be seen in the image above, the message is created by reversed type that casts a shadow on the sand. Very clever!

Advertising inspiration

More Absolut Vodka ads

A while back I posted a gallery with 31 amazing Absolut Vodka ads from the and The post turned out to be quite popular so I decided to do another one with 35 more ads!

Renault Mégane: Petrol pumps, Paris-Naples

The Print Ad titled Petrol pumps, Paris-Naples was done by Publicis Conseil Paris advertising agency for product: Renault Megane (brand: Renault) in Germany.

Starbucks creates a warm and soothing feeling with this ad with the tinted red background. Starbucks also breaks through the clutter by arranging their drinks in a way that the whipped cream creates a christmas tree to exemplify the holidays. This ad targets anyone who drinks coffee and enjoys relaxing and chatting with friends in a comfortable environment. I felt that this was persuasive because Starbucks creates an inviting atmosphere and shows off their holiday drinks with creativity.

Creative advertising

This is a starbucks advertisement which promotes their holiday drinks. They have arranged the drinks in such way that it forms a Christmas tree, symbolizing the holiday.

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10 Super Creative Print Ad Campaigns That Will Make You Look Twice

This print ad uses a plain sausage and a tomato sauce fork to indicate that nothing is good without a original thing in the meal.

It has to be Heinz. Advertising Agency: Bruckner Yaar Levi, Tel-Aviv, Israel Art Director: Udi Ovadia Copywriter: Dror Lavi Executive creative d

Smoking: less time to live. That Will Make You Stop And Think about smoking.

Serious advertisements

World No Tobacco Day: Time Line When you smoke you have 10 years less on your life expectancy. Advertising Agency: D/Araújo, Brazil Creative Director: Luiz Dias Art Director: Rivadávia Coura Copywriter: Bruno Aydos

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