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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BytTV0y0c84 MANDELA EFFECT - EMAIL RESPONSE FROM NURSE FRIEND. | "I spoke to a very good friend and asked her if she could do a video regarding the m.e since she's a nurse as much as she would love to she would lose her job so she can't. But she did allow me to post our convo. Bit of flirt banter for laughter but you will see what she says about the mandela effect changes. THIS WOMAN IS 100% A NURSE... thanks and X to u K."

After mentioning my use of Flocabulary as a component to several of my lessons, many of you have asked for more information. It’s way to difficult to explain Flocabulary in a short email response, so here goes this post! If you’re wondering if it’s worth your time and attention, the answer is YES. **Disclaimer** I …

A canned response in Gmail: 1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail, then choose Settings. 2.…

By hand and machine. Here's a rubbish video of a very special tattoo for Emma. She wanted to incorporate (not totally cover up) some old scars. I went with the flow of them and we ended up with this cosmic groove. Right on Emma! #tattoo Whilst I'm here.. Anyone waiting on an email response, please be patient! I'm doing the best I can but I'm just a one man show. A really bad one at that. Essay over.

9 Productivity-Boosting Gmail Tools (That Are Actually Useful) — Read for how to: Type commonly used words, sentences, even paragraphs, in shorthand with Auto TextExpander, have your grammar checked with Grammarly, mass unsubscribe to newsletters with unroll.me, track email responses with Sidekick, enable keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, annotate photos with Skitch, record a how-to video with Recordit, send large attachments with Dropbox, and save your newsletters to read later in Pocket.

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