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Deep in the hills of Clark County Arkansas just south west of Little Rock near the town of Gurdon, there is a phenomenon that has been witnessed by hundreds, yet there is no explanation for what people have described as "spook lights" which is a common term for strange unexplained lights that have been witnessed by many. Strange lights are actually common around the world and some refer to them as "will-o-the-wisp" or "fairy lights" among others...

Great summary at the link about Martha Mitchell, one of the great whistleblowers of the 20th century. She became uncomfortable, then outraged, by her husband’s role in shady doings by the Nixon White House. She begged, demanded, and cajoled him to cut all ties. Unable to extricate him from the web of scandal, she began making calls to journalists, spilling the beans on all sorts of criminal activities. Flowers at her funeral spelled out "MARTHA WAS RIGHT."