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Quand les noix de pétoncles deviennent des noix de pentacles ☺ #xl8

The Seven of Cups is a card of illusions and temptations that fail to deliver on their promises. What appears to be too good to be true often is, and this card tells you that to stay on the current path will lead to disappointment and heartbreak. (See the rest on Image "Seven of Cups" from Shadowscapes Tarot © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

02/27 Today's Tarot Meditation Insight: It’s your life and you must be the one who takes control and leads it down the path you are drawn to follow. You must work at choosing the direction, prepare for the journey, gather the tools and make a plan to guide the way. You have access to an infinite source of energy to get it done. So get to it! ~ Click the card for all of today's message and some numerological insight for the weekend.

Vous prendrez bien une traduction foireuse ? - Le Baby Blog - Doctissimo #Translationfail #xl8