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That Penny Board Is To Die For

Kick, push. Penny board pink yellow blue green converse awesome skateboard longboard skate fun summer

Pink Penny board.You can buy this at Local surf shop...;-) I want a PENNY Board so BAD💓

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Globe | Bantam ST 23" Plastic Skateboard Complete $89.95 That grandma's couch print one is awesome...

My husband would want to buy this for me.... I'd have to say I'd be interested. I'd want it to be a #longboard tho.

I want a penny board! 💙💜💚❤

A penny board! I love this one!! I am asking for a penny board because i think it would be really cool to have one, and learn to ride one!

I don't know whats with these but i want one! These just look so easy to use!

Penny boards... really want one!