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Mark it in your diaries, kiddies, on September 2017 (Stateside) Pennywise The Clown hits cinema screens to tear the arm of little Georgie Denborough. yes, Warner Bros. have announced that the lo…

Cemetery Dance Publications invites readers everywhere to the launch of, a massive new project unlike anything the horror and suspense publisher has undertaken in their twenty-five years in publishing.

You Will Never Be As Happy As This Man Is When He Sees This Train

Stephen King on Dylan Farrow’s open letter: “There’s an element of palpable bitchery there”

Stephen King gets the ass of the day award for this comment. Survivors of incest don't have enough problems without this sort of piling on? - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

Check out Pete & Brigette's review of Room 237 here:

MASTERY. One of the most profound influences on my writing is the master storyteller Stephen King (Image found at He has written so many fantastic novels that have become movies and are well known across the world. This mans standard of writing is where I want my skill to be one day, and when I look at photos of him in the back of books or in magazines I imagine myself in that same position in the future.

Mr. Mercedes full jacket design by Tal Goretsky; illustration by Sam Weber (Simon and Schuster)