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  • Kevin Ligon

    My Grandfather was a Carpenter's Mate on the first aircraft carriers. He repaired the Teak decks. The first flight from a US Navy ship.... the next year, in January of 1911, the same guy landed on the USS Pennsylvania.

  • Joseph N. Pisano

    On November 14, 1910, Eugene Ely became the first pilot to successfully launch a plane from a stationary ship, the U.S.S Birminham. His wheels actually touched the water before he gained altitude. Ely flew for two miles before he landed on a beach. Using the same aircraft, Ely became the first aviator to land an airplane on a ship, the USS Pennsylvania, on January 18, 1911, while she was anchored in San Francisco. Flight decks were temporary. See second photo this board for another view.

  • Vicky Bruce

    101-years ago, January, in San Francisco , when a pilot Eugene Ely invented naval aviation

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