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яɛḿɛḿɞɛя тʜɛ ḿɛḿøяɪɛś ғяøḿ ωʜɛƞ ყøϋ ωɛяɛ ყøϋƞɢɛя. Ԁø ყøϋ яɛḿɛḿɞɛя śøḿɛɞøԀყ ωʜø ʗяɛɑтɛԀ тʜɛḿ ωɪтʜ ყøϋ øя ωɑś тʜɛяɛ ωʜɛƞ ɪт ʜɑṕṕɛƞɛԀ? ωɛʟʟ ɪғ śø, ɢø тø тʜɛḿ, тɛʟʟ тʜɛḿ тʜɑт ყøϋ ɢϋყś ωɛяɛ ɞɛśт ғяɪɛƞԀś ɑƞԀ ƞøтʜɪƞɢ śʜøϋʟԀ ʗʜɑƞɢɛ ɞɛтωɛɛƞ ɛɑʗʜ øтʜɛя.

I wish I had fast internet, but I have a Cell-com internet box, and it's so slow. Maybe it's because I live on a remote island, but other places have super fast internet.. :/

First you need to name it, then make it a hotel, then find it some friends, it is quite a job!

one of my favorite things, even if its just a little thing to some, its a big thing in my eyes.

I'm blessed to have such an amazing mom. ♥

My baby sister and I were both nicknamed Elmo when we were younger. ♥

While babysitting my almost 3-year-old granddaughter this morning, she insisted we go on a walk. This was totally spontaneous- didn't grab our shoes first. We went out of the neighborhood, and she collected a few acorns... And, when we came across leaves, crunched them. First walk with her/first crunching leaves with her. Perfect morning.

the other thing keeping me sane.Amy Becker AlexaRae Kitko Kayla, Shanny, Josh, Helen, Kathy, Alex.