HUMMINGBIRD  by Dean Crouser via Etsy.

HUMMINGBIRD Watercolor Print by Dean Crouser by DeanCrouserArt, this piece is a highly intricate watercolour design. I like watercolour effect with the various colours that have been used.

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EASTERN BLUEBIRD Watercolor Print By Dean Crouser. State bird of MO for my next tattoo? What do you think Lumsden Lumsden Lumsden Lumsden Lumsden Kirkpatrick?

Love this! watercolor bird tattoo inspiration

TANAGER Colorful Bird Print by Dean Crouser by DeanCrouserArt. Saw a framed print of this in a gallery in Seaside, Oregon and fell in love with it. My mom ended up secretly buying it for me and giving it to me for my birthday. Love this bird.

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Watercolor Birds by Dean Crouser. Dean Crouser is an Oregon based artist who tries to keep his work simple, beautiful, and elegant. These birds are incredibly artistic and show an amazing amount of depth and emotion.


Reminds me of the pine tree outside the livingroom window in Alaska - Lance Johnson Paintings - chickadee on a pine branch with pine cones