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    This isn't for Florida, but we have many of the same species

    Florida Freshwater Fish Identification - excellent images and info from FWC

    How to identify poison ivy - www.treksinthewil... #poisonivy

    Guide to the 9 varieties of Smilax in Florida

    Pocket Guide to Florida Animal Tracks

    Florida Saltwater Fish Identification

    Tadpole guide

    ~ ladybug identification

    Great Florida Birding Trail - links to all of the sites on the trail, how to plan a birding trip, species ID links, and more! A must for budding or master birders who want to enjoy the state.

    Florida's state symbols (our state bird, reptile, butterfly, mammal, marine mammal, fish, saltwater mammal, freshwater get the picture!)

    Dealing with snakes - a variety of different resources about snakes in Florida, including how to identify our 6 venomous species, how to prevent encounters with them, and dealing with snakes in residences and schools.

    Lepicurious - a great blog from Tampa's MOSI Museum about their butterfly garden. Excellent resource for learning and butterfly gardening.

    which butterfly do you have? GREAT way to learn viceroy vs queen vs monarch vs soldier!

    SWFWMD's amazing free downloadable guides. Perfect for Sarasota and Manatee County. Guides available for mammal, butterflies, birds, insects, frogs & toads, reptiles, trees & shrubs, wildflowers, and natural communities

    e-Flora Florida: online herbarium searchable by common name, family, genus, and ecosystem

    Florida's Sea Turtles - photos and information for each of Florida's 5 sea turtle species

    Florida Shorebird Database - includes excellent pdf guides on focal species; you can also register to help count shorebirds here

    Florida's sheshells guide - images to identify, then links connect to articles about each shell type

    Florida's bat species: FL has 13 species of bats and 7 that visit but do not normally live here. Links to species types and descriptions.

    Florida's stinging and venomous caterpillars - a list of Florida's major stinging caterpillars and other species of interest

    Florida Wildflowers & Butterflies - Florida Museum of Natural History's website that includes the 50 most common native wildflowers and butterflies in Florida

    Grasshoppers of Florida - includes range maps to key out various species

    Guide to Florida Frogs This one you can click on the region (colored appropriately on the map) to see which frogs are found in your area. It includes non-native invasive species.

    Florida's Frogs and Toads Image list of frogs; includes habitat, description, and call description