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The Rainbow Owl is a rare species of owl found in hardwood forests in the western United States and parts of China. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal, the Rainbow Owl is active during the twilight hours at dawn and dusk, or on bright moonlit nights. The Rainbow Owl can be distinguished from other owls by its peculiar multicolored feathers but also by its unusually melodic call. Recent research also suggests that they are responsive to music and attracted to human singing.

Keep your mind and heart open to possibilities and change, it could lead you to where you want to be or what you want to do.

Pygmy Kingfisher- terrific colors, great shape, could make a baby toy with this little bird as my model !!!

Top 10 Rare Colorful Birds Around the World. | (10 Beautiful Photos)332 x 500 | 32KB |

I do bird pins because of their amazing color combination. Same thing with flowers and fish. God amazes me with His artistic skills!

i have no idea what kind of bird this is but it's so pretty! =D (comment if you know!)