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Chinese Art | Portrait of Qing Courtier in Winter Costume | S1991.125

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Chinese silk, Emperor Yellow with 5 toed imperial dragon

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Zhāng Zǐyí (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) in Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

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Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty

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Traditional Japanese Clothing for Men | ancient chinese knight clothing for men view the category traditional

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the-next-emperor: A bride wearing a traditional Chinese bridal costume (Ming dynasty). Traditional wedding dresses long forgotten by all, so sad

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Chinese Accupuncture Figure / Model. Late Ming Dynasty, Circa 17th Century. Wellcome Collection, London, England. They had different ideas behind body image then :)

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Chinese traditional painting

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Travel Asian han dynasty clothing photo: Chinese dress han dress

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Ancient Chinese Ceremonial Military Armor Dress of Emperor $2680.00

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Traditional Chinese realistic painting by Zhou Xue. Beijing Opera 周雪工笔画欣赏之美人记(二)一个迷恋戏曲…

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This Qing dynasty portrait shows Yinti, Prince Xun (1688-1755), as an old man. The cataract on his right eye, crows' feet around his eyes, and sunken cheeks all hint at harsh aging. Yinti's wife appears strikingly more idealized. If this painting had been intended as a ritual portrait, a greater attempt at realism might have been made. Instead, it was likely created to celebrate a life event, perhaps an anniversary.

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Yuriy Shevchuk; Pastel, 2009, Drawing "Paris Montmartre"

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by 伊吹五月

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Chinese contemporary art by Lu Jian Jun

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Rosemary Buczek Illuminated monogram H. A calligraphy artist, she offers her work for custom wedding invitations, etc.

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