Absolutely love this - both the style of the dress and the color!

emerald #coloroftheyear

Tarik Ediz 2013 Royal blue omg how beautiful gown

Gorgeous color!

Gothic Victorian Dresses | Victorian Gothic Satin Brocaded Dress Gown Prom

Loving your dark green color idea as a possible brides maid dress color... (love marigold and red too though!! :)


Loving the green and the halter neckline that goes under the bosom.

Gorgeous lace @Nordstrom

White Green Wedding Gown Dress

Victorian Edwardian Fae Themed Sidhe Dress 12 14 Ballgown Masquerade Bridesmaid

Micheal Negrin Halter top long blood red and black lace dress..


Gorgeous floral white dress #evatornadoblog

Absolutely gorgeous. #promdress

navy gown

MEDIEVAL dress seems to be perfect with your tradional wedding clothes honey :-*

prom dress