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10 Close-Ups incríveis de olhos de animais

Animal Eyes: Extreme Close-Ups! - British Shorthair Cat Did you know that this cat is the most popular breed of domestic cat? Their eyes are large, round, widely set, and can be a variety of colors, but the copper or gold eyes are the best known.

Watusi Cattle. Previous Pinner - The giant horns are not only defensive, but act as massive heat exchangers in the hot air of Uganda. Blood vessels transfer heat from the body up into the horns where it is more easily radiated into the environment.

Fotografía. Los ojos del reino animal frente a un macro. by YWC magazine in fotografía //

20 close-up photos of animal eyes show nature’s wonderfully extreme ocular diversity

Husky dog: Huskies mainly live in the Arctic and are known for having pale blue eyes. Description from I searched for this on

This is a close up of a llama eye. The strange "ruffles" are called 'iridic granules' (corpora nigra) and they are used to to shade the eye from bright sunlight. In bright light these iridic granules can actually interlock to completely cover the centre of the pupil. This leaves just two holes open on either end of the pupil, reducing the amount of light that can enter the eye. These odd looking structures are also found in horses, cattle and sheep.