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Beautiful 911,Happened,Forget,Remember

(((Mary Mauldin))) on

It is more important then ever that we do not EVER forget what happened and who did it to us. Was shocked to see a Video done by Hannity show tonight talking to College students who did not know about what happene on 9-11-2001?...and did not know what is happening now and who ISIS is???? oh my word.... what are we coming to??

I never got to see footage of the 9.11 attacks, because the school wouldn't allow us. I never really sought out images before. This is just devastating.

After being hit by American Flight 11 the north tower smoulders in the background as United Flight 175 takes aim at the south tower at 9:03 am on 9/11/2001

God Bless President George W. Bush! Now under Obama....when a tragedy happens on his watch...he LIES, takes sides with our enemies and /or uses it to further his Liberal/Communist/muslim agenda!!

NYC, NY, World Trade Center and Woolworth Building designed by Cass Gilbert, Twin Towers, designed by Minoru Yamasaki, International Style II