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The Pacific Seahorse has been assessed as Vulnerable. It is widely distributed in the Eastern Pacific region, but is considered rare throughout its range & its population is continuing to decline. It is of commercial importance for the international aquarium trade, the traditional medicinal trades & as curios. It is also often caught as by-catch in shrimp fisheries. This seahorse may be particularly susceptible degradation of habitat because it inhabits relatively shallow areas.

Pacific Seahorse | Taken at the preview of "The Secret Lives of Seahorses" special exhibit. The pacific seahorse was by far the largest variety there.

Photo: Choh Wah Ye The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia are home to this pale beauty. Although it’s tempting to want to keep a creature as beautiful as this in your aquarium, if you do buy one, make sure it has been reared in captivity. Seahorses caught in the wild rarely do well in fish tanks – and harvesting them also contributes to the declining seahorse population.

White Spotted Jellyfish - Also called the Australian Spotted Jellyfish, these are native to the Pacific Southwest waters. Fairly large they generally consume snail species but they have become a concern in some areas because of the huge amount of water they filter, digesting plankton that some food fish and other fish need.