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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Pre Calculus Vector Task Cards

For teachers- great activity that uses technology and reviews vectors. #vectors

from Teachers Pay Teachers

PreCalculus Analyzing Functions with Graphs and Tables

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Trigonometry Vectors * Task Cards * Quiz HW - Graphic Organizer

Vectors Task Cards and More.This great end of unit resource is designed for Trigonometry but may be used in Calculus 2 as a review of Vectors, usually the last unit before MultiVariable Calculus. Included: *24 Task cards. Topics include: *Magnitude and direction angles *Unit vectors *Scalar operations, *Rectangular form to vector form * i j k form and component form *Finding the dot product *Finding the angle between two vectors *Finding proj of w onto v.*All answer keys *Student…

What is a Straight Line Equation? | Skills Poster | USA from LittleStreams on - (1 page) - A simple skills poster on the subject of Straight Line Equations. This is the USA version.

The Circle | Free Poster on Circle Geometry from LittleStreams on - (4 pages) - This is a FREE poster on circles and their important geometric terms and features. It comes in US and UK versions and looks great on US Letter or larger.