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creatingcivilizations: In the civilizations I have created perspectives are practiced in which phases of time are recognized as reflections of the true self. These are preserved and stored at the highest levels of the mind. These temporal resources are ones in which a sense of balance is clear. They can be brought into view and superimposed onto subsequent times as filters which influence how things are seen. They can realign focus to deemphasize distraction and distress while enhancing the…

Author, Jody Hedlund: Put Your Best Work Out There: Avoid These 25 Newbie Writer Mistakes Great list!

Show your characters' emotions by what they says, their tone of voice, their body language, and their subsequent actions. And don't forget to reflect it in others' responses to those emotions.

If trauma and the subsequent lack of connection sets the stage for addiction, could restoring connection be the solution?

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Desperate to live, despondent German shepherd at shelter now on euthanasia list When making inquiries about this dog, please reference A4796303. No listing is currently available for her adoption since she was originally labeled as "Aggressive." Baldwin Park Shelter is open for adoptions seven days a week. The facility is located at 4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, California Phone: 626. 430. 2378

If you think these poses look impossible it's because they are! Many of these paintings were based on photographs. It was the photoshop if its time!