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Terror Alert Issued For Three States For Day Before Election! Written by JayWill7497 Scott Mason for Western Journalism reports, The chaos of the 2016 presidential election season was just taken to the next level in the form of a terrorist attack...

Michael Brown, FBI Agent Involved in Leaked Clinton Emails, Is Dead! Another “Hit Job” by the Clinton’s? | Conspiracy Theories

THE ECONOMIC ILLUSION LAID BARE. If you are waiting for the economic collapse, you're too late--it's already happened. And it's TWCTM (Those Who Control the Money) who did it. They pulled the rug right out from under themselves. We are living in a world of complete economic fantasy, using numbers that are unfathomable, unconscionable, and un-repayable.

Will Your City or State be the Next San Bernardino? At Least 22 Verified Islamic Terror Training Camps in US – All Under the Watchful Eye of the FBI